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We here at Ridgetop K9 Kennel see our place as your pets home away from home and as such your fuzzy family members as our 4 legged family members while they are here too! We understand your concerns for your furry kids safety which is why we have set our vaccination policy below in stone. To ensure that all our guests who stay at Ridgetop are protected and secure in every way possible, and therefore to guarantee the peace of mind of their primary 2 legged parents. Our vaccination requirements must be satisfied before your booking can be confirmed.

Keep in mind as you read our admittedly strict and non flexible vaccinations requirements that some "average" or "ordinary" kennels may have more relaxed standards and rules regarding vaccinations than we do but at the end of the day ask yourself this: Do I really want to risk my dogs health by having him/her staying in such a average, ordinary establishment with less than average vaccine requirements?

The vaccination requirements established by Ridgetop K9 Kennels have been set in stone for a reason: To safeguard the health and safety of each and every dog that steps paw in our kennels. To us the word "clean" means more than "rendered spotless by way of scrub brush, mop and bucket". Here at Ridgetop K9 Boarding Kennels it also means "as completely free from canine contagious illnesses as humanly possible" 

YES, This means that before we can confirm your booking with us you may require an extra vet visit, but this slight inconvenience is more than outweighed by the level of cleanliness the higher standards attained here. 

General Summary

Every guest at Ridgetop must be certified by a licensed veterinarian before they can be boarded here. 

  • Vaccinations must be administered a minimum of 7 days before a dogs arrival for boarding. A dogs whose vaccinations are given within the 7 days prior to boarding will not be accepted into the kennel. 
  • If an updated vaccination is required it should be administered at least 3 days prior to your dogs arrival. 
  • A puppy should complete its full series of vaccines, including rabies at least 3 days before arrival. 
  • PROOF OF VACCINATION - we ask that you submit your "Certificate of Vaccination or vaccination certificate" showing vaccine expiry dates via email to: 7 days in advance. Sorry, your invoice from the vet doesn't count!
  • Ridgetop K9 Kennels vaccine requirements may differ from what your vet recommends so unfortunately simply asking your vet "is my dog up to date" may not satisfy our requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure your dog(s) have the vaccines we require. 


  • Most adult dogs get booster shots for Rabies, and given the seriousness of the disease and the fact that there are lots of bats out here on the ridge, it is absolutely mandatory forfar dogs staying with us to be up to date on this vaccination. 

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • This highly contagious respiratory ailment is common to average kennels with less that average vaccine requirements (like the ones we talked about above).  Here at Ridgetop we do everything possible to prevent it here which is why we require all dogs that step paw in our facility to be up to date on this Vaccine at least a week before they visit.
DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and Parainfluenza)
  • This vaccine is a combination vaccine that vaccinates against 4 different diseases. Because different veterinarians have different names for this shot, the best thing to do is make sure that the vaccine your pet receives protects again Distemper and Parvovirus. 

Canine Influenza (recommended but not mandatory)

  • Dogs should receive an annual vaccination to protect against the disease caused by CIV (H3N8). We do however require all dogs visiting from the USA to have this vaccine at least 10 days prior to visiting our kennel. 
Flea and Tick 
  • This treatment should be current!
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your pet(s) have current Flea and Tick prevention. Due to the nature surrounding our facility, Fleas and Ticks are a possibility, we do not take responsibility if your dog gets fleas or ticks while attending our facility. We do use preventative measures to eliminate the ability for them to live inside our building but have very limited control to their existence outside. 

Titer Test (if a dog is not going to be vaccinated for DHPP)

  • The vaccine Titer test tells wether a dog is likely to be protected against the most common infectious K9 diseases
  • Ridgetop Kennels will accept a Titer test administered within the past year if a dog is not going to be vaccinated for DHPP. 
  • Titer tests for puppies should be done once the puppy vaccinations are completed and he/she is ready for annual booster shots 

-ENFORCEMENT of Rules.- 

Ridgetop Kennels reserves the right to refuse entry of any K9 visitor that:

  • Lacks proof of vaccination or has expired vaccines
  • Displays evidence of untreated or potentially contagious conditions without clearance from a licensed Vet. 
  • Does not meet Ridgetop K9 Kennels health and temperament requirements or policies.
  • Please note that if your female is or maybe coming into heat we will not except her. Her heat may last as long as  4 weeks. If she comes and then goes into heat we will be asking you to come get her right away! As it is to disruptive to the rest of the dogs in our kennel.      



If you follow this link and create your own login you can update the information in your file, SUBMIT VACCINATION PAPERS, and even request a booking. 

To do this click the link below, if you have stayed with us before you will already have a file under the email address you provided us. 
Change your password, then log in. 
Under your pets name click the *pencil to edit your information, scroll down to vaccines and there you can submit your vaccination paper PDF file and check the expiry dates for each vaccine. If you submit a PDF don't worry about checking the expiries as we can do this for you when we view and approve your submission. 


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